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8-week bikini plan

The following plan is meant to help you build muscle strategically and strengthen your entire body.  

This program is meant to be x3 strength training workouts per week.  If you are looking to trim down at the same time you can combine this with 2-3 cardio workouts per week and pay attention to your nutrition.


This program was developed assuming you have a basic understanding of exercise and training in the gym. Before beginning this program, please read the disclaimer and overview of the program. If you want coaching or a personalized program, send us a message.

DISCLAIMER: All exercise and physical activity comes with risks. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. PLEASE ALWAYS consult your DOCTOR before beginning this or any other exercise program. If you don't know how to exercise properly, enlist an expert to teach you the basics. GetStrongWithUs and its representatives are not liable for injuries occuring

The Workouts

This program is written to be an 8-week plan, x3 strength training days per week with the option to add 2-3 cardio workouts per week if needed.

The 3 strength training workouts are focused on 2 lower-body focused workouts, and 1 full-body workout.  It is important to make sure you are recovering between workouts, so have a day in-between your STRENGTH workouts.  You can do cardio workouts on your off-days as long as you are recovering.  To advance the workout week to week, increase the number of sets by 1 (maximum 5) or increase the weight used.

Workout A
Leg Day

Circuit A - 3x10

SUS Lunges, SUS Side Lunges & 45° Back Extension


Circuit B - 5x5

DB Squats (Go heavier each set) & DB RDL


Circuit C - 3x15+

Leg Extension Machine & Leg Curl Machine


Circuit D - 3x20

Hip Band Fire Hydrants & Calf Raises

Workout B
Full-Body Day

Circuit A - 3x10

SUS Push Ups SUS Rows & SUS Squats


Circuit B - 3x12

DB Bench Press DB Rows & DB Lunges


Circuit C - 3x15+

Triceps Extensions & Biceps Curls

Circuit D - 3x15+

Lat Pulldown & Side Shoulders

Workout C
Lower-Body Day

Circuit A - 3x10

Heels Elevated Narrow Squats, Cossak Lunges, & Hip Band Bridges


Circuit B - 3x8 Each Side

DB Step Ups DB & Single Leg RDL


Circuit C - 3x15+

Yoga Ball Wall Squats & Yoga Ball Leg Curls


Circuit D - 3x20

Donkey Kicks & Calf Raises


This program is written to be an 8-week plan, x3 strength training days per week with the option to add 2-3 cardio workouts per week if needed.

Please refer to our Cardio Trainer page for optional HIIT trainer and sustained cardio programming to add on your off-days.


The 8-week bikini program is meant to get you trim and toned up with a heavy focus on leg & glute development. 


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