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We are all in the gym to feel healthier & happier. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and protective space for the local LGBTQIA+ community and Friends to come workout without feeling “othered”.  Our coaches have worked with people of all different genders and backgrounds to help them achieve their body goals for well over a decade. Downtown Fitness is LGBTQ-Owned & Operated.

No matter your gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, age or ability; Strength is for everyone. Our gym is a safe place where people can come and know that they will be treated as a person and not be a target for discrimination based on who they are. 


Every iteration of our gym from the time it was founded had stood up for this idea.  Being in the middle of rural western North Carolina, we have experienced first-hand how bigotry infiltrated other local spaces and pushed out good people.  We set out to change that by creating a safe and welcoming environment, while ensuring that bigots will not be tolerated.

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