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Have you hit a plateau and can't seem to break through?  Is your current training program getting stale?  Do you feel lost in the gym?  Online Coaching can help you build a stronger, healthier body by providing you with a comprehensive training program, online community, and accountability!

Custom Training Programs

We design your program with your goals, fitness level, and equipment access in mind.  There are no one-size-fits-all plans because everyone is unique.


Our online coaching will provide accountability with frequent check-ins, online trainer access, and an online community to share with.

Expert Advice

Our head coach has been training online and in person for over 12-years and has worked with people of all levels and backgrounds.  We work together to bring you the best training available.

Join our Barbell Club

Are you ready to become the strongest version of yourself?  Coach Rick has trained dozens of record-holding athletes for powerlifting and is the head of the Iron Hearts Powerlifting Team.

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What are the benefits of having a trainer? 
How many times have you tried to workout on your own only to fail to stick with it long-term? How many times have you started a diet only to give it up after a few weeks?  How many times have you joined a gym and not made real use of it?  That is why having a trainer is beneficial; your trainer will help you get started, help you get disciplined, and teach you how to succeed on your own long-term.


Whether you are just getting started or already experienced in fitness, online personal training will help you attain your fitness & nutrition goals.  Your personal trainer will customize a program specifically for you with all your needs and goals in mind.  They will also keep you accountable and on track. Their first goal is to teach you how to workout safely and how to make progress on your own.


Online Training vs Virtual Training vs Online Coaching

There are several ways to train online with us.  With Online Personal Training you are assessed, then given a custom plan to follow with weekly or monthly online check-ins with your trainer.  Virtual Training is like having the trainer right there with you at pre-scheduled times; you and your trainer will jump on video-chats where they can observe and guide you through your workouts.  Online Coaching is for our competing athletes; your Coach will customize a program for you and guide you all the way through your competitions.  


What's in your package

When you are training with a personal trainer you of course get a custom built program.  While having a good program is important, even more valuable is your trainer’s experience and knowledge.  From form checks to finding answers to all your fitness & nutrition questions, your trainer is there to guide you.



No matter which training plan you start in, everyone starts with an assessment.  The assessment will tell us how you move and whether we need to work on anything specific. During the assessment, you and your trainer will document any of the goals and address how we will measure your progress.  Once the assessment is done the trainer will start putting your program together.


Onboard Process 

When you first sign up, your trainer/coach will send you a link to all our intake forms. These will ask you all the important questions about your medical history, lifestyle, and training preferences so we can build you a safe and thorough program.


How to read your program

We use a few different standardized formats across our programs to ensure readability and ease of use. Your trainer will guide you through your program when you first receive it and explain how to get the most use out of it.  We also build hyperlinks to video demonstrations to several exercises and tutorials in many of our programs.  

How Long will it take to get my program?

Depending on how busy we are, writing a custom program generally takes around 5 business days.  Adjustments to your program usually are done within a business day, and if switching programs it may take up to 3-5 business days.   

How often will my program change?

In the beginning, while you will not be doing the same thing every day your program will have built in repetition to help you practice learning how to move correctly and safely. As you get stronger and build a healthier body, your program will grow with you.  Most programs have small adjustments monthly, and larger adjustments each quarter.  Remember that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; programs only need to be overhauled if your progress is slowing down or if you are getting bored.  

Training Rates

All training/coaching is priced monthly or quarterly.  All Programs are custom to the individual and as such, rates may vary based on how involved your training is.  


  • Online Program with Weekly Check-Ins - $150 per month, or 300 per quarter

  • Virtual Coaching w/ weekly sessions - Rates vary based on Sessions per week

  • Powerlifting Coaching w/ meet prep (must meet minimum requirements to qualify for program)- $50 per month, or 129 per quarter

How to communicate with your trainer/coach

You can communicate with your trainer via EMAIL, TEXT, FORUM, or MESSENGER.  Form checks may be sent via messenger or via Youtube video link.  Virtual Training sessions generally are done via messenger or video service (ex: Zoom).  Most of the time, our trainers get back with their clients within an hour during normal business hours.

If outside normal business hours or on weekends, it may be the next business day before you get a response.  



We value everyone’s work/life/extracurricular balance.  As such, we do ask that you respect our trainer’s personal boundaries. Please give them adequate time to respond to your messages, and understand that certain topics of conversation may be deemed too personal to discuss.


Community Standards

As a member of our programs, you will have access to our online community.  We ask everyone to respect each other.  

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