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Getting Started Right

The biggest hurdle is the first one out of the gate… getting started.

Most people are so overwhelmed in the beginning that they fail to take the first step towards their health & fitness goals. Questions like “Should I join a gym?”, “What diet do I need to be on?”, or “Should I be lifting weights or doing cardio today?” end up causing action-paralysis. While it’s easy to say “Just get started!”, we all know that it is not that simple.

First, let me sort this out… There is no right or wrong way to work out, or a perfect diet plan; however, there are programs that are better suited towards specific goals. While a person can benefit from cross-training and shoar up their weaknesses, a training protocol that works on the specific needs of the individual is always necessary to get the best results.

The other thing to consider is what do you enjoy doing? If you find a way to make physical fitness and healthier nutrition enjoyable you will be more likely to stick to it long-term. There are millions of people each year who get started with a plan who end up burnt out just because it’s boring or just not what they are interested in.

In the end, consistency is key to long-term success. If you are consistently working towards your goals, you will constantly be making progress no matter how small the effort. Being sporadic or consistently doing things that negatively affect your progress will obviously set you back.

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