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I wish I had started sooner...

"I wish I had started sooner..."

As we get older, aches, pains, and unwanted weight seem to creep up on us. Over my career as a trainer, I have listened to people tell me that they wish they had started getting healthy sooner in life. It is amazing what a person can accomplish with a few months of diet and exercise, imagine what you can accomplish with years of perseverance. There are several reasons why people don’t start sooner and then spend time later in life digging their way out of a hole [this is not exclusive to fitness, but includes financial, education, social, and many other areas of life]. No matter the reasons, the simple truth is no matter where or when you are starting, hard work and sticking to a plan pays off.


Know that it is never too late to get started. Regular exercise can improve bone health and muscle tissue function in older adults. Having a consistent routine with your diet and exercise can make a world of difference whether 18 or 80 years old. If you have medical limitations, consult with your doctor to get their recommendations. Following those restrictions, health professionals can guide you towards a routine that will work for you, whether it’s with a physical therapist, or with a personal trainer.


If you are younger, remember that health is like a savings account; you can bank health and fitness. Working out [properly] and eating a balanced diet when you are younger can help you build a more resilient body. It goes without saying, less sickness, less bone & joint problems, and being more capable as you get older is preferable to being crippled when you get older.


Have goals and achieve them. Setting goals should be a part of your daily routine. Having daily micro-goals can help keep you on track and motivated. These micro-goals should build up to a bigger picture, such as working out to help you run in your first race, lifting to participate in your first competition, or sticking to your diet to help you lose the extra weight that is giving you knee problems.


While having a gym membership, a dietitian, and a personal trainer can be great assets to have on your side, they are not required to achieve your goals. If you are on a budget, look for more affordable group training or free community fitness programs. If your goal is to lose weight, most of your progress will be made by focusing on the kitchen rather than the gym. Whether it’s from online articles or from hard-bound books, you can have access to dozens of diet and exercise plans at a moment’s notice. Even without access to a gym a person can make great progress by just doing basic body weight exercises and following a balanced nutrition plan.

Whatever hurdles you face proper planning, having a supportive community, and finding your motivation are the keys to making it to your goals.

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