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This program is meant for experienced powerlifters or bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle mass and strength in the big 3 lifts.  This workout program revolves around high volume, so Nutrition and Recovery are paramount.  There are 3 main workouts with a lot of flexibility in exercise choices; in fact, it is recommended that for the isolation circuits you change exercises frequently).  


Workouts throughout the week should be evenly spaced.  It is imperative that you allow for adequate recovery or you will get injured. For example; If doing 3 days per week a schedule like Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tues/Thurs/Sat works well, and if wanting to add a 4th workout per week, either a Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri or Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat schedule would work.




Workout 1 

☆Squat Ramp w1-80% x5 / w2-85% x3 / w3-90% x1+ ☆Leg Volume Superset (Squats & Hams) 5x10 ☆Isolation Circuit (Quads/Glutes/Calves) 


Workout 2 

☆Bench Ramp w1-80% x5 / w2-85% x3 / w3-90% x1+ ☆Upper Body Volume Superset (chest press & Rows) 5x10 ☆Isolation Circuit (Lats/Triceps/Biceps) 


Workout 3 

☆Deadlift Ramp w1-80% x5 / w2-85% x3 / w3-90% x1+ ☆Leg Volume Superset (AltStance DL & Lunges) 5x10 ☆Isolation Circuit (Lats/Core/Hips) 


*Strength Cycle repeats every 3-weeks, add +10lbs each cycle to Squat, Bench, and Deads. Volume Training increases starts ~50%, increasing 5-10% every 4th week. 


*All recommended weights% for the major lifts are based off of your Training Max (roughly 90% of your 1-Rep Max or equal to your 3-Rep Max).  


*For an optional 4th workout, add a general bodybuilding, conditioning, or mobility day.  You can also as an option repeat one of the Workouts if you are trying to specialize in one of your lifts (be cautious about doing this as it may result in overtraining).



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