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I love both classic and modern strongman workouts.  The equipment provides unique challenges and frankly, just looks cooler than the regular gym equipment.

The following is a sampler or what I like to call "Storm Workouts".  This guide allows you to "choose your own adventure" based around your experience, needs, and what tools you have at your disposal. 


These kits are designed to fit into your workouts after the primary work, but before the accessory work.  There are 3 intensities.  Vary them often throughout the week. For days you are not able to use the toys, you may swap out for a bodybuilding circuit.


The intensities are 1: Short & Fast, 2: Medium, and 3: Low & Slow.  


1: Short & Fast.  These are usually completed as Rounds for Time (RFT).  Your goal is to complete it as fast as possible. (Usually under 8-minutes)


2: Medium.  These are usually untimed, and the tasks are meant to be done at your own pace.  There will be a set prescribed number of rounds.


3: Low & Slow.  This is about stamina. You will set a timer and repeat a set of tasks until the timer says you’re done.



WO1: 3 Rounds for time

Sled Rush 100ft, Tire Flip 100ft, Yoke Carry 100ft


WO2: 3 rounds for time

Deadlift with Tires (or from blocks) +85% x3/x2/x1, 


WO3: 3 Rounds for time

Farmers Carry (120-150 ea hand), 50ft, Sled Rush 50ft, Sandbag Drag 50ft


WO4: 3 Rounds for time

Husafell Carry 50 ft, Yoke Carry 50ft, Reverse Sled Drag 50ft (Hip Belt or Harness)


WO1: Complete all reps, break up however you want

KB Swings x50, 1-arm DB Clean & Press (Heavy) x10 ea side


WO2: 1 Round for time, complete each before starting next.

Axle Clean & Press x12 (135+), Sled Rope Drag (400lb, 50ft), 50 sledgehammer slams


WO3: 5 Rounds each, complete before moving on to next exercise.

Axle Deadlift with Straps from low blocks x1, Sled Push 100ft, Slam Ball Wall Side Throw x5 ea side


WO4: Finish the Rx reps in any number of sets

Husafell Good Mornings x30, Sandbag Suplex x20, Sled Push 50ft x10



WO1:10min timer; Safety Bar Lunges x10e, Yoke Marches x10e


WO2:15min timer; Sled Push & Walkbacks 50ft-ea, Tire Flips x6


WO3:12min timer; SSBar Squats x10, Sled Harness Drag 50ft holding husafell, Yoke Carry 100 ft


WO4:10 min timer; Farmers carry 100ft, Fatbar Hangs to fatigue.


For reference, this is a list of our equipment at my gym with their respective weights.

Farmers Carry Handles (50 each, 120 total with rig)

Yoke (160 Unloaded) 

Husafell (100lb)

Safety Squat Bar (45lb)

Axle Bar (27lb) 

Strongman Tires (For Flippin’!) 

Sandbag (100lb)

Slam Ball (15-20lb)

Kettlebells (50-88lb)

Deadlift Tires (78lbs ea) 

Sledge Hammer (10lb)

Chariot Sled 100 unloaded

Prowler Sled 80 unloaded

50ft 2” Pull Rope for sled 

Lifting Blocks

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