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Our gym is a safe and welcoming space where your personal growth is priority.  Each member receives a training program based on their needs, goals, and lifestyle.


We limit the number of new & total memberships we sell to ensure the gym never feels overcrowded and that each of our members gets the attention they deserve. 


Our facility is open to members Monday-Friday 6am to 7pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-Noon. Supervised Training times are by appointment.  


We require all guests to follow our community guidelines.  Daily Passes are $10, 3-day Passes are $20, and Weekly Passes are $50.  Click Here to schedule your first visit.



Training Membership- 260/month

Get Personal Training for an affordable rate! You receive a fully-customized training program and the option to either join our group training times or do up to x4 1-on-1 express training sessions per month.  This includes a Precision Nutrition Assessment (by request). Once graduated out of the phase 1 programming, members will have access to open gym use.



GYM+ Program- 160/month 

This is an option for members who have proven that they can apply the knowledge they have acquired.  Each member using this option will have a quarterly program written up suiting their needs, goals, and lifestyle.  Each month they can schedule a 1-on-1 in-person or online meeting time with their coach to adjust their programming, form check, or to scale up/down the routine.  Quarterly discounts available. Members at this level can access their program and coaching staff online.  For additional training, members at this level can request additional 1-on-1 sessions at a discounted rate.



50/month gym + training fee (45 -100/session)

For those who need more specialized training, specific accommodations, or need a time outside our standard business hours the 1-on-1 Personal Training package works best.  Each member receives a fully-customized training program based on their needs, goals, and lifestyle.  Rates vary based on how in-depth the training is and how often you meet with your trainer each month.  Training is billed month-to-month or quarterly, rates adjusted to be a flat rate.  Individual sessions may run anywhere from 30-minutes to 90-minutes depending on the protocol and needs of the client. This package includes Precision Nutrition Assessment (by request).


Practicing Yoga

Online Training - $300/quarter + Assessment

This option is great for those who cannot attend our gym in person, who want a program they can do from home, or who are working on out-of-the-gym goals.  This programming is customized and built to suit your equipment access.  You have access to your coach online for quick tips, form checks, Q&A, weekly check-ins, and monthly adjustments.  Additional scheduled check-ins or online Zoom training sessions can be set up for an additional fee.

SCALED MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: We understand that not all people have the privilege to afford personal training & private gym rates.  We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone. If you are part of a marginalized community or disabled, we will try to work with you to find a solution.  Please contact us to go over all your options.


Contact us to schedule a tour of the gym.

Find our gym

Located at 98 W. Palmer St, Franklin, NC 28734

Across the street from ACE Hardware, beside Mountain Provisions. 


Additional Parking at the side and behind our building.  

Our staffed hours vary.  To meet with a trainer please feel free to contact us using our contact us form.

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